The New Sleep Research Generation

Junior Grant awarded to Salome Kurth, Fiona Pugin and Manya Hendricks

The New Sleep Research Generation Initiative is a platform for researchers who are on the pathway of a scientific career. Today’s working environment requires more flexibility than ever before, long-term employments have become rare and society undergoes a change in family and partner structures.


We welcome these challenges!


Our aim is to facilitate the confrontation with these challenges by sharing experiences, strategies and ideas among peers. The core of this platform is an exchange in regular meetings with invited guests from academia and industry, who share their personal path of dealing with these challenges. Furthermore, these meetings are a unique possibility for networking and discussing topics relevant to career development, off-focus from the own scientific research interest. This peer-mentoring gathering has supported the academic growth of many participating junior researchers in the past. All attendees are asked to respect the confidentiality of the discussion.


These are some of the topics:

i) Mentoring during the transition into a group leader research position  

ii) Build a scientific network across disciplines with diversified expertise

iii) Generate role models who successfully master managing career, work-life-balance, family, etc.


Interested researchers are cordially invited to join our meetings or sign up for the newsletter. Everyone (also non-sleep researchers) are welcome!


Organisation: Salome Kurth PhD, Fiona Pugin PhD, Manya Hendricks PhD