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Center of Competence Sleep & Health Zurich


Sleep & Health Zurich (SHZ) is a Center of Competence accreditated by the UZH since 2014 and constitutes an interdisciplinary network of investigators in sleep and chronobiology research and medicine.

SHZ accreditation has been renewed by the UZH Executive Board for the period 2021-2024.

To know more about our recent activities:
Activity Report 2017-2020  (PDF, 252 KB)



SHZ Missions


  • To enhance scientific excellence by including all leading local basic, applied and clinical research groups into an interdisciplinary network.
  • To drive innovation for precision-medicine approaches and tailored sleep-wake interventions for healthy and diseased populations.
  • To promote fundraising.
  • To attract young researchers/clinical scientists and promote gender equality.
  • To promote interdisciplinary education in sleep and circadian physiology/medicine.
  • To bridge research and society.