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Center of Competence Sleep & Health Zurich

HMZ Flagship SleepLoop


Enhancement of sleep using wearables

Sleep is one of the most basic needs in humans and animals: just like eating, it is necessary for survival. Sleep is important for brain development and cleaning processes, as well as for cognitive performance and health in general. However, insufficient or irregular sleep is widespread in our 24-h society, and the increasing prevalence of sleep disorders constitutes a public health issue.


The aim of SleepLoop and its team of engineers, clinicians and sleep experts is to improve health by using new technologies that can modulate sleep depth very specifically without any drugs. This innovative method will be tested for its beneficial impact in the treatment of neurological, psychiatric and systemic disorders that are well known to be related to the sleep-wake behavior.


More information about the project:

at University Medicine Zurich

Dept. of Health Sciences and Technology (ETH Zurich)